Saturday, January 06, 2007

boy is it ever wednesday!

That's right. It's not Saturday. Today is exactly one year to the day from my first blog post. What's that you say? I must be mistaken? No, no, no! Don't let yourself become confused by such things as "facts" as those have nothing to do with reality. Reality is all about perception, baby, and thus I begin this post to commemorate one year, both new and old.

So, if memory serves, my first post had something to do with not believing in New Year's resolutions, and well, a year (or a lifetime) later I still firmly do not believe in resolutions. Having said that, I have plans. Do any of my plans consist of blogging more consistently? Probably not. But there will be more yoga. And fewer unreasonably drunk evenings. And I plan to actually start submitting my writing for publication... I plan to start with something like the New Yorker, so that I can't bother to feel badly about my first rejection letter. I've learned (from reading quite a lot of submissions myself) that there is simply no reason I remain unpublished except that I have never submitted anything to become published.

So, 2007 will involve submission. Er. Yes. It will also include an effort to be more aware and to let go of what is unnecessary, beginning with miscellany and various other kinds of crap I am surrounded by but do not need, then moving into the metaphorical and spiritual. Or, at least, I think that's how it will go. That's the plan anyway. I'm choosing to look upon myself and others with more kindness and less judgment and to look up more, on clear nights especially. I may even begin to snap photos for the cloud catalog I dreamed up years ago and never followed through on.

I plan to knit more than I cry. I plan to make more art and new friends and more calls and visits to old friends and once good ideas. I plan to have less to do with those things that don't make my heart sing. And, with any luck, perhaps I will begin to sing more often, out in the world again, and not in the privacy of my bathtub (since I no longer have a car). Which reminds me, I also plan to retrieve the fabulous beach stick from the back of my old car before said car goes to car heaven. I don't know what I plan to do with the stick, but I dragged it off a beach in California and brought it all the way to Oregon and it lives in my old car that I don't even own anymore, but its keeper promised to take good care of the stick. And he's a good one, that keeper.

I plan not to continue with this nonsense any longer... for tonight anyway. Happy January 3rd by way of Saturday!