Thursday, January 12, 2006

her grand adventure...

I may never know how Minou spent her time over the four days and four nights prior to the phone call I received this morning from a neighbor a half a block away, but she is home (thank you Jason and Martha). Despite having always appeared wary of the big street out front, it seems Minou ventured across it to see what the great world had to offer. She's a little lighter for the journey, but has eaten and is napping now, so I can go to class without worry for the first time this week. Our "Missing Cat!" posters worked, but if ever you need help I'd suggest calling For a small fee they will map out a 10-40 block area and will call every neighbor to personally alert them to your missing pet and to give them a description. We had signed up, but Minou is home now, and we won't need them to call. Instead, that money will go towards microchipping both Minou and Buster, a concept I had found quite odd, until this week.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Minou is missing.

One of my beautiful cats disappeared Sunday morning and has not returned. I'm hardly moved by the start of classes. The collaborative class in which I'll be writing poetry and other goodness in response to a visual artist's work (and vice versa) doesn't seem so thrilling just now. Can't think. Can't properly write. Tear ducts are actually still functioning quite well. If I could bargain with the gods for her, I certainly would.