Sunday, July 01, 2007

twenty-one days

I will be on the other side of the planet in twenty-one days. Twenty-one days to complete the course I am teaching. Twenty-one days to figure out how to say a few necessary things to people I have little to no ability to communicate with. Twenty-one days before a 12 hour flight to Seoul, and then on to another city, and then another, with no idea where I am going or exactly what I'll be doing until I'm there.

What I know: it will involve teaching English to 9-13 year olds and I will live with a family I have never met in one of three cities (Damyang, Goksung, or Haenam). I am excited and nervous and doing lots of yoga in preparation for my time away. I will miss my kitties and my sister, who will be taking care of my kitties, and the beautiful Portland weather, and the five weeks of summer that I could be on a beach somewhere recreating the universe, or laughing uncontrollably, or maybe even kissing.

But, I'll have some good stories when I return, and a renewed sense of gratefulness and appreciation for what I love and am leaving behind. Plus, the tail end of monsoon season and lots of HOT humid weather to remember.