Saturday, April 11, 2009

a love note

This is strictly an homage to A Softer World, but was fun to try. Word + photo by me, all technical skills and impetus behind my trying this, compliments of the inimitable Dave Wood.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

not a pretty bird

She was not a nightingale
as the Greek said.
Philomela was a woman.
The sister of the new wife.
Raped, tongue cut out by the husband.
Locked away.
Not a swallow, not the bird of morning
and late evenings that end so swiftly.
Not a myth. She was a girl.
That is the story: the empty mouth,
the bloody breasts. The outrage.
Not the transformation.

~Linda Gregg, from Things and Flesh


I am newly in love with Reed Wallsmith. And Chris Mosley. And the way Reed's saxophone plays against Mosley's butterfly-like hands across his guitar. So much tension and control. Like flying. Like poetry.