Saturday, June 16, 2007

post in which the poet wonders

How is it that a whole school year has passed already? It seems not so very long ago I was freaking out about teaching composition and now I feel like an old pro. I'd also like to know where, oh where, have all the good apartments gone? Buster would very much like it if I could find him an outside to be a part of again. Minou, of course, doesn't really care so long as there is food available.

So, these are my challenges: lesson planning for a four week accelerated version of the class I taught in the fall; finding a fabulous apartment and moving myself and all my necessary stuff into it (I'm working so hard to get rid of the unnecessary stuff); a big publicity push at work; and planning for Korea.

The poet would now like a nap. For about a month. But will settle for unlimited massages and a few glasses of wine. And perhaps some fresh flowers from the farmers' market.