Sunday, March 25, 2007

sometimes it's you.

I'm not sure I know really what to do anymore with this blog. I seem to use it as a means of communicating with myself, working things through, processing verbally as I do, or at least linguistically anyway.

Syntax baby, yeah.

It's like an extension of my head. Sometimes, most of the time, I talk to myself. Sometimes I talk to strangers. Sometimes it's you.

In this particular sentence, it is Heather. Hi Heather. I hope you are well. I will call you later this week to see about an evening with the girls.

But usually, this is just a place where I write for the sake of writing something, anything, because that isn't always forthcoming in the areas of my life where it should be. But, is this a self-indulgent and pointless habit? Is it potentially destructive to more important and creative urges (as say, myspace, or computer games, or general internet surfing, or television can be)? Should I give it up? Should I refocus my energies elsewhere?

It wasn't even my idea to start this thing. It was B's idea. He thought I should have one and that I might benefit from the personal/public aspect. Like it was a dress rehearsal for something else. I don't know exactly, but he convinced me and here it is. Now what?