Wednesday, April 01, 2009

traveling spirit

I am still fresh from the high off a weekend spent a mere three hours north imbued with the traveling spirit one usually reserves for the foreign and exotic. It was a successful experiment.

I am collecting empirical data, irrefutable proof, that we possess the ability to manifest all we desire and the key is right inside our very minds. The brain is a marvelous thing. The trouble is the brain is a powerful thing as well and we manifest all manner of things every day, much of which is neither desirable nor particularly helpful. Brain: I am waking up to you, you sly thing, and aim to work with, not against, you more often.

Aside from this incredible realization--I can change how the world interacts with me by a subtle shift in energy? yes!-- I also came away from the weekend feeling, as I often do but in a more pronounced fashion, so incredibly fortunate a girl. I have the most marvelous friends in the world. My chosen family.

Lastly, today marks the first day of the Poem-A-Day Challenge for 2009. One down, 29 more to go. I'm feeling fucking fantastic.